Why was my credit card declined?


We display all errors exactly as they are reported by your bank/card issuer. The alert appears in a red box at the top of the page after you submit your credit card information. Payments are authorized or declined by your bank/card issuer and we can only see the same error message that was shown to you.

We understand that the error codes and associated text are not always very useful in troubleshooting potential issues. In most cases, credit card declines are easily fixed by re-entering your billing information or contacting your bank directly for assistance.

If re-entering your credit card doesn't solve the problem, there are a few common avoidable errors to consider:

  • AVS Errors
    AVS errors occur when the billing information you provided doesn't match the billing information on record with your bank. If this happens to you, the error reported says something like: "AVS mismatch." To fix the problem, enter the address your bank has on file or change the address on file with your bank.
  • Suspicious charges
    Your credit card company may be suspicious of an unauthorized charge. Banks can be pretty protective of your account when it detects unusual behavior. In these cases, the bank will automatically block unusual spending before it happens. If this happens to you, you can lift the block by calling your bank and letting them know that you're attempting a legitimate charge.
  • Use a different card
    If all else fails, you might want to consider trying another card.
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