I never received my welcome/login email. What do I do?


The internet is a crazy place and sometimes emails are filtered and placed into the spam folder. We cannot guarantee that an email will be delivered. That would be impossible because there are an infinite number of possibilities that could prevent an email from making it to your inbox. We can only promise that the email was sent.

Here are some things you can do if you did not receive your welcome/login email:

#1-  Check your spam or junk folder within your email account. Every email provider has a different level of spam protection and individual email accounts have different levels of protection too. It's possible that the email is in your spam folder. Check there and if you find it, mark it as "Not Spam".

#2- Reset your password. Although you may not have received your welcome email, your account was still setup. We don't have access to your password, but you can reset it by going to the Invisible Empire login page and clicking the "Lost Your Password?" link above the "Login" button. 

If all else fails, please contact Client Concierge. 

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