Why am I not being credited for new signups that I have referred?


Every active affiliate account has their own unique set of unique Royalty Links. Your prospect must click on one of your affiliate links.

When this happens, a cookie is placed on their browser and their IP address is recorded. This is based on the "last click" for the affiliate link they clicked on. That information is tracked to you and them. When they sign up, you are credited. 

There is no way that we can accredit you the sale unless your prospect signs up using your affiliate link.

Note: Humans are not perfect and therefore computers are not perfect. We can not guarantee that there will not be any human errors or computer errors that may impact the affiliates' ledger. We do our absolute best to avoid any issues and correct any anomalies in the system and to always provide accurate commission payouts to all of our affiliates.

If you believe that your prospect did click on your affiliate link before signing up, but the sale is not reflected on your ledger, please contact Client Concierge*.

*Before contacting support because of a missing sale or a partial commission, please be patient and wait at least 24-hours for the payment to clear. Certain products are processed over a few days (e.g. we process Renaissance payments at $1,000/day for 5 days). Additionally, we sometimes manually review sales and therefore may not appear on your ledger immediately. This is to combat fraud and chargebacks. 


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