Why are my Royalty links not showing?


If you are an active affiliate in our Royalty Program and your Royalty Links are not showing, it could be for a few reasons.

#1- You have an ad-blocker enabled. Unfortunately, our Royalty Links will not show up if you have an ad-blocker enabled. BEFORE contacting Client Concierge please follow the instructions outlined here and disable your ad-blocker and then reload the page. Alternatively, you can also try switching browsers. 

#2- Your recurring Royalty Program fee declined. Before contacting Client Concierge please make sure your monthly or yearly Royalty Program fee did not decline. You can do so by accessing our customer hub. Follow the instructions outlined here

#3- If you have disabled your ad-blocker, tried switching browsers and have made sure you are fully paid up, but your Royalty Links are still not showing, please contact Client Concierge. 

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